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Tommy Joyner

Co Owner / Producer/ Engineer


Tommy Joyner founded MilkBoy in 1994 as a rough-and-tumble punk and hip-hop recording studio in North Philadelphia. Over the last 20 years the MilkBoy brand has grown to include the MilkBoy venue, film production company BBCG Films, and SHAKE Audio Post. Today as head of MilkBoy the Studio’s engineers, Joyner is responsible for production on over 100 records and demos each year, numerous composition jobs for film and television, and he continues to perform as a drummer and side-musician both live and in the studio. Joyner has played drums in Digable Planets and overseen recordings by James Taylor, Dave Matthews, Meek Mill and Miley Cyrus. In 2014 Tommy produced the feature film “Slow Learners” with co-producers Tammy Tiehel-Stedman, Jamie Lokoff, and Brian O’Connor.


Cody Cichowski

Engineer / Producer / Composer


Cody Cichowski, engineer, grew up in Maine, but studied for an Associates Degree in Recording Arts from FullSail Real World Education in Orlando. He started as an intern with MilkBoy in 2003 and has since risen from an intern to become a senior engineer. This budding film composer is also a first-call SFX creator and surround mix engineer for our many film clients. Cody is a multi-instrumentalist, an expert foley walker and a talented electronics tinkerer. He continues his quest to build the best possible computer out of trashed components.


Justin Miller

Engineer / Producer


Arriving at MilkBoy in 2012 as an intern, Justin involved himself in as many sessions as possible. Starting down his musical career path in grade school by playing a variety of instruments, he later developed the love of recording in high school. At Rowan University he began studying music education and performance but decided to shift gears and pursue a degree for his true passion, audio engineering. Since starting here, Justin has been able to work with local up-and-comers Miles Chancellor, Suzanne Sheer, 4VR, as well as label talent such as Gucci Mane, Ty Dolla $ign, James Blake, Jazmine Sullivan,  Marc E Bassy Patti LaBelle & many more.

Sam 2.jpeg

Sam Rosen

Engineer / Producer


Sam Rosen started at MilkBoy in 2015 and has since involved herself in a wide range of recording and mixing projects. Although specializing in vocal mixing and production, Sam began as a songwriter and has a passion for working with artists to develop their projects and their sound from start to finish. Sam also produces/sings/and plays in her own projects Lucky Rabbit and samryebread. Some of her released work can be found on her website:


Lauren DeLucca

Engineer / Producer


Lauren DeLucca began working at MilkBoy in 2013 while studying Audio Recording at the University of the Arts. Starting as an eager intern, Lauren learned everything she could while being fully immersed in studio life, exposing herself to both local and major label acts in many different genres. When she’s not engineering, Lauren helps with the day to day functions of the studio, such as booking sessions and interfacing with clients. Away from Milkboy, you just might run into Lauren adjusting the PA or playing the bass at a sweaty South Philly basement gig.


Jeff Chestek


Jeff graduated from Temple University with a degree in TV/Film media, and landed his first industry job running the school's film sound mixing studio. Jeff is one of the original studio crew dating back to 1996, and his production credits span various musical genres (R&B, Rap, Gospel, Jazz, Classical, Rock) and industries, including theatrical sound design, radio commercials, video and film audio post-production, studio design and tech maintenance.
Jeff recorded and mixed most of Schooly D's first EP, which some credit as the first real gansta rap record, and has fond memories of working with such notables as Patti Labelle, Teddy Pendergrass, Justin Timberlake, Sigourney Weaver, Eddie Murphy, Gerald Lavert, Michael and Kevin Bacon, the Philadelphia Mummers, Bedouin Soundclash, Kid Cudi, Cool C, and Pepe the King Prawn (of Muppet fame).


Jamie Lokoff

Co Owner / Composer

Principle owner and composer received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from UMiami. While pursuing an acting career in New York, Lokoff discovered a new career in music instead.  In 1998 Lokoff joined up with Joyner in a partnership that gave us MilkBoy. Since the two paired, MilkBoy has grown up to become the premier recording studio in Philadelphia. It's been the destination for many local and national acts like, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, James Taylor, Dave Matthews and more. As a writer and composer, Lokoff wrote jingles, produced bands, and composed music for off-Broadway theater, television, radio, and film. He's composed for national brands like, NBC Sports, Planet Fitness, Stetson and Century21 which haired during the Super Bowl. In June of 2015, Lokoff and Joyner partnered with Mark Schultz to launch Shake Audio Post at MilkBoy. The audio studio combines the recording and engineering chops of musician Joyner and the writing and composing savvy of Lokoff with Schultz's expertise in sound design for film, network, and commercial clients. Under MilkBoy Entertainment, Lokoff co-produced the romantic comedy Slow Learners which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and opened in theaters in August 2015. The film is currently available on iTunes, Netflix and OnDemand.

RENEE Profile Pic.jpg

Renee Maffiore

Studio Manager

MilkBoy family.  For the past 9 years her management skills and can do attitude have been instrumental in the success of MilkBoy's music venues / bars.  Despite her family's attempt to keep her deeply rooted in classic-rock, she has found a love in music spanning all genres. Renee spent 10 years in the school orchestra, and included Freddie Mercury in her wedding vows. She is eager to take on this next chapter in her MilkBoy life as the Studio Manager.

Matt 2.jpeg

Matthew Ticcino

Engineer / Producer


Matthew joined the Milkboy crew in 2015 while completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Specializing in tracking & mixing, he has been determined and has developed a relentless drive to become a bigger part of the studio taking his journey from intern, to assistant, to engineer. Matthew’s passion for his craft, upbeat personality, and attention to detail makes for a one of a kind studio experience. He is also a proud Eagle Scout.


Miles Keller

Engineer / Producer


Primarily based in Hip-hop/R&B, Miles has recorded his material at MilkBoy the Studio since 2014 with fellow engineer Justin Miller and musical parter Dori Yankelewitz. In 2015 he graduated high school and traveled to Orlando, Florida to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Recording Arts at Full Sail University. There he learned engineering, production, live sound, post and more. He graduated with his bachelors as well as a double certification in Protools at 20 years old and headed back to Philly with the proper knowledge he needed to succeed. Not only is he extremely self sufficient, Miles is determined to bring your tracks to their fullest potential by any means necessary. 


Montez Roberts

Engineer / Producer

Montez Roberts has been an engineer and producer at The Studio since the early 2000s. As a former MC, he travelled on tour with The Roots but has settled down in Philadelphia, where he was born, doing what he does best - making music. Montez has worked locally with Jill Scott, Marsha Ambrosious, and The Roots. However, his discography reads a long list from Kanye West to Neyo to R. Kelly and many, many more. Currently, he is in the studio working and producing The Wurx, a Philly based hip hop group.

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